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Nicotine and the brain

Nicotine and the brain

Doctor David Eberhard has written a report for EPHI on nicotine, the brain and addiction. Mr Eberhard asks whether addiction itself is really dangerous and how we distinguish between an addiction and a habit. The report is available in English and Swedish. Watch the call from Brussels Report author David Eberhard spoke about his report in the European Parliament in...

EPHI in Almedalen 2024

EPHI in Almedalen 2024

Don't miss EPHI's exciting event during Almedalen Week 2024. More information will be available here in the spring.

Ephis CEO comments on the collaboration with Henrik Jönsson

Ephis CEO comments on the collaboration with Henrik Jönsson

As the leader of the Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson, has suggested in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that the Youtuber Henrik Jönsson is spreading hate against social democrats and has suspect funding, I, as EPHI's CEO, feel the need to clarify a few things. The Environment and Public Health Institute (EPHI) is a non-profit and politically independent...

Is slim a choice?

Is slim a choice?

Doctor Vincent Flink Amble-Naess has written a report for Ephi on obesity and medicines. Flink Amble-Naess notes that effective medical treatment for weight loss is currently available. The question is who should get it, how should it be financed and how should we really look at obesity and overweight? Watch the seminar from the launch of...

Parliamentary seminar on climate change emissions and exports

Parliamentary seminar on climate change emissions and exports

Together with Member of Parliament Rickard Nordin (C), EPHI organised a seminar on Professor Astrid Kander's report on the climate benefits of Swedish exports. In her report, Astrid Kander presents a new metric for measuring countries' climate-impacting emissions. The method takes into account consumption in a country and also considers the climate impact of the country's...

Halso for ohalsosamma

120. Tobé (M) - Pro-free trade customs advocate

The Moderate Party's top candidate Tomas Tobé joins the podcast ahead of the EU elections. Tobé explains why snus is provocative in the EU and notes that the battle over nuclear power has been won. We get answers to why carbon dioxide tariffs might be a good idea and whether the EU should decide how much we...

119. Sweden needs more mines

MEP Emma Wiesner (C) joins the podcast to give her election promises for the upcoming EU elections. Wiesner wants to see an EU that takes responsibility for mining and where the pigs still have grunts. 

118. Will stem cells revolutionise our health?

Maria Rankka, investor, entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board of Cellcolabs, is a guest on the podcast. Maria Rankka talks about the effects she noticed after her stem cell treatment in the Bahamas and gives her best health tips. 

117. Leave the politics of whining

Surströmming enthusiast Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (L) joins the podcast ahead of the EU elections on 9 June. She gives her views on everything from food production, farm sales and snuff to Fit for 55. 

116. Can you train without private health insurance?

How do you get the right care for your training injury? Medical anarchist Petra Månström, who runs the Maratonpodden podcast, reflects on why the healthcare system finds it so difficult to deal with training injuries.

115. How the centre-right will attract women

Opinion analyst Per Rosencrantz joins the podcast to talk about why so much politics is about tougher sentences, gang crime and migration while women are interested in healthcare and health. 

114. The engineers who built Sweden

We meet Rasmus Törnblom (M), PhD student in history at Lund University and municipal councillor in Lund, who wants to highlight the role of engineers in social policy. Törnblom talks about the engineer and later social minister Sven Lübeck who was a right-wing politician and important in...

113. Lose weight and keep it off

Is your New Year's resolution to lose weight in 2024? Erik Hörstadius, journalist, author and winner of Biggest loser VIP, is a guest on the podcast and talks about how to keep the weight off. 

111. The art of living a long and healthy life

Doctor Gustav Soler joins the podcast to get to the bottom of the concept of longevity. Soler explains how stress, supplements, drugs and sleep affect long-term health and how to measure biological age. We also find out if exchanging blood with...

Uploaded publications

Several of EPHI's publications are available both in text and as podcasts. In most cases, the authors themselves read their text. Subscribe to EPHI's audio reports and essays and you can listen to exciting new perspectives on environment and health issues at your convenience.

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3: PM Nilsson - Duty to exercise?

This is a reading of an essay from EPHI. Despite the fact that daily physical activity is probably one of the best things you can do to stay healthy, it is considered to be something you can do on your own. This applies to adults as well as children and...

2: Lena Andersson - To eat or not to eat

This is a reading of an essay from EPHI. Eating has become so much more than a way to get nutrition. What one eats can be a stand for a better world for humans and animals alike, for domestically produced products or national agriculture....

1: Jojje Olsson - China and the climate after COP26

This is a reading of a briefing paper from EPHI. China's emissions are the single most important factor for the future of the climate. The country currently emits more carbon dioxide than the EU and all other OECD countries combined. In contrast to other leading economies, they increased...

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Report launch: Is slim a choice?

Report launch: Is slim a choice?

How should the healthcare system look at obesity? And where do the new obesity drugs fit into the Swedish healthcare system? Doctor Vincent Flink asks this question...

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