59. We have become too afraid of everything unpleasant

Johan Grant is an organisational psychologist and lecturer at Lund University. He was fired from his position at Lund University because some students felt offended during a seminar. In conversation with David Eberhard, he explains what happens to people and societies when no one dares to say anything that could be perceived as critical or unpleasant. When everyone is silent, an unhealthy culture is created that can make people ill.

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Podcast: Health for the unhealthy

110. Is 20 the new 70?

Professor Ingmar Skoog notes that people over 70 today are healthier and less depressed than 50-year-olds in previous generations. Skoog also says that today's 70-year-olds exercise, have sex and party more than previous generations, while today's...

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109 Population crisis or?

Author and podcaster Anna Björklund is the guest on this week's episode to discuss the declining birth rate in Sweden. How does it affect public health, and why are fewer and fewer people choosing to have children? 

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108. Kerstin Hesselgren - Prussian or liberal pioneer?

Journalist and writer Anders Johnson visits the podcast and talks about his book Kerstin Hesselgren - health care apostle and parliamentary pioneer. Kerstin Hesselgren was a prominent social liberal politician in the early 20th century and the first woman in the...

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107. Is obesity a disease?

Doctor Vincent Flink Amble-Naess joins the podcast and notes that there are now effective medical treatments for weight loss. The only question is who is entitled to the medicine and who should pay for it? Instead of making it easy to get a medication...

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106. What can you say about food and health?

What is the role of authorities in what we eat and drink? What claims can food producers make on their products and what can be said about health in social media? This is what Marie Söderqvist and Fredrik Torehammar discuss together with Jimmy Sandell,...

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105. What is a modern bourgeois drug policy?

Christian Karlsson, Chair of the Social Affairs Committee, explains his views on Swedish drug policy. Why do we have such harsh penalties for cannabis use when other countries are decriminalising? Are politicians proud of the snus that made Swedes become ...

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