125. How dangerous is sugar for children?

Annie Guo, a dietitian and doctoral student in paediatrics at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, answers neurotic parents' questions about food for children. After conducting a study analysing dietary information from 80 000 one-year-olds in Sweden and Norway, Annie Guo tells us what kind of food is best to try to get into your children's mouths.

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Report launch: Is slim a choice?

Report launch: Is slim a choice?

How should the healthcare system look at obesity? And where do the new obesity drugs fit into the Swedish healthcare system? Doctor Vincent Flink asks this question...

Podcast: Health for the unhealthy

126 Public health in Almedalen

After a week in Almedalen, Marie Söderqvist summarises what was said in the field of public health together with opinion leader Henrik Jönsson and doctor Vincent Flink Amble-Naess, who both participated in EPHI's seminars. 

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124. Why should you avoid organic food?

With only a few days to go before the European elections, Torbjörn Fagerström, professor emeritus of theoretical ecology at Lund University, explains what is wrong with the EU's agricultural policy and why we should emulate Brazil. He also explains why we should not buy...

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122. Skip the sun cream and enjoy the sun

Health expert Fredrik Paulún joins the podcast to talk about his latest book, The Light Revolution. Paulún explains that the sun is at least as important as exercise for our health, and that the advice to always wear sun cream is wrong.

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121. snus sales in pharmacies

Psychiatrist David Eberhard, author of the report Nicotine and the Brain for EPHI, tells us what addiction is, how it works and when it's dangerous, and why the inventor of snuff bags deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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120. Tobé (M) - Pro-free trade customs advocate

The Moderate Party's top candidate Tomas Tobé joins the podcast ahead of the EU elections. Tobé explains why snus is provocative in the EU and notes that the battle over nuclear power has been won. We get answers to why carbon dioxide tariffs might be a good idea and whether the EU should decide how much we...

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