Parliamentary seminar on climate change emissions and exports

Together with Member of Parliament Rickard Nordin (C), EPHI organised a seminar on Professor Astrid Kander's report. The climate benefits of Swedish exports.

In her report, Astrid Kander presents a new metric to measure countries' climate impact emissions. The method takes into account a country's consumption and also considers the climate impact of its exports.

Kander shows that Sweden's efficient production means that the climate benefits when other countries replace their own production with Swedish-made products. We should therefore not scale down our exporting industry for the sake of the climate but - on the contrary - scale up.

Astrid Kander discussed the climate benefits of Swedish exports together with Rickard Nordin (C), Member of Parliament, Helena Storckenfeldt (M), Member of Parliament, Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability and Infrastructure at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Karin Comstedt Webb, Deputy CEO of Heidelberg Materials, Ann Lindgärde, Head of Sweden at Nouryon and PM Nilsson, CEO of Timbro. The discussion was moderated by EPHI's Fredrik Torehammar.


Read Astrid Kander's full report here:


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