On Thursday 29 June at Donnersgatan 3, we will arrange five seminars on interesting and current topics. The day ends with a mingle where you as an audience will have the opportunity to talk to the panellists and us at EPHI.

Places are limited, so we recommend that you arrive in good time. No pre-registration for the seminars is required.


8:00-8:45 Does cycling bring happiness?

Does exercise make you happier? There seems to be a link between daily exercise and happiness and well-being. So how do we get more people to move more?

A light breakfast is served on site.

Lena Andersson (author)
PM Nilsson (journalist)
Oskar Sundblad (CEO Vätternrundan)
Patrik Kronqvist (political editor, Expressen)

10:00-10:45 Is electricity rationing already here?

The electrification of everything from Swedish industry to our transport sector is proceeding at a rapid pace. What are the main challenges to getting sufficient electricity networks in place in time? How do we get sufficiently large investments?

Monica Haider (S)
Johan Lindehag (CEO Ellevio)
Bo Diczfalusy (Energy expert)
Henrik Jönsson (Entrepreneur/YouTuber)


14:00-14:50 The Swedish nicotine model

Sweden has the lowest proportion of daily smokers in the world, which has led to a low mortality rate from smoking-related diseases. At the same time, Swedes use about the same amount of nicotine as the rest of Europe. How does this work? What is the secret of the Swedish nicotine model?

Ulrika Westerlund (MP)
Alexandra Anstrell (M)
Karin Sundin (S)
Fredrik Nyström (Professor of Internal Medicine)
David Eberhard (Psychiatrist)

15:00-15:50 Will Systembolaget survive farm sales?

During the spring, farm sales have been a major political issue. What are the legal obstacles and opportunities for combining a possible introduction of farm sales with Sweden's retail monopoly? How much risk to the retail monopoly would Sweden take if we introduced farm sales? Welcome to listen to and ask questions to some of Sweden's most knowledgeable lawyers and politicians on the subject.

Ann-Sofie Alm (M)
Karin Sundin (S)
Joakim Sundbom (EU law expert)
Joakim Zander (EU law expert)

16:00-17:00 Health, climate, state and freedom

What are the tensions between human rights and state influence? Where is the line between what the state should and may do for the sake of the environment or public health? Must human freedom be restricted to protect the environment and public health?

Lena Andersson (author)
Henrik Jönsson (entrepreneur)
PM Nilsson (journalist)


17:00-19:00 Mingle (Pre-registration required)