Ephi produces talk show with Henrik Jönsson

Don't miss the talk show 100% hosted by Henrik Jönsson with Ephi CEO Marie Söderqvist as producer. In four episodes, Henrik Jönsson talks with a number of exciting guests about everything in Swedish politics and the house band Army of Lovers reunites in the studio and releases new music.

In the first episode, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson joins the studio to discuss power. Former army chief Karl Engelbrektsson joins us to discuss military power, access to weapons and a strong defence. Henrik Jönsson also visits author Lena Andersson's kitchen to cook porridge.

In episode two, we discuss culture with Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand (M) and we are visited by Ukraine's biggest pop star Olya Polyakova. Henrik Jönsson also visits author Lena Andersson's kitchen to discuss how food has become a marker of identity.

In episode three, we talk game with Karl Hedin. Also on the programme is Ulrika Karlsson-Arne, communications manager at the Swedish Hunters' Association, and former state secretary PM Nilsson. Henrik Jönsson goes to author Lena Andersson's kitchen and together they try to prepare an unplucked mallard.

Episode four deals with the topic of intoxication. We are joined in the studio by Christian Karlsson (KD), chairman of the Social Affairs Committee, Filip Bromberg, a psychologist who organises psychedelic retreats, and Leonidas Aretakis, editor-in-chief of Flame, who has written a book on Sweden's psychedelic history entitled 'Extasia in the People's Home'. Henrik Jönsson also goes to author Lena Andersson's kitchen to drink wine, talk drugs and flambé bananas.


The first episode of 100% will be released on 17 October.

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