About ephi

The Environment and Public Health Institute (ephi) is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank and meeting place that addresses the environmental and health issues of our time.

We do so in the belief that free enterprise, economic growth, new technologies and the free choice of citizens are not threats to our environment and health but, on the contrary, a prerequisite for them. We believe that today's environment and health policies are too often ineffective, backward-looking and moralising, which harms both the environment and human health. We want to contribute to a more result-oriented, cost-effective and rational environment and health policy.

We are a small organisation but bring together a large network of academics, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders. We rely entirely on voluntary contributions and are committed to independence. We are based in Stockholm and Brussels.

Ideas and contributions

Ephi is entirely dependent on your support and commitment. We do not accept public funding and rely entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, companies and organisations. If you, as an individual, company or organisation, would like to donate to Ephi's activities, please contact Marie Söderqvist or use Swish: 123 294 7927 (QR code) or Bank transfer: 5686-7229.


At Ephi we want to innovate! There is a lot of innovative thinking among young people and we want to encourage it by selecting a young scholar to carry out a project with our funding. Our ambition is to award one grant per year. You are welcome to apply together with a simple project description.

Working with us

We are a small organisation with big ambitions. To succeed in our task, we need more people. We are therefore looking for people who want to contribute to our work. Do you want to work with us as a writer, project manager, summer job or internship? Then you are very welcome to get in touch.