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On Thursday 29 June, we will arrange five seminars on interesting and current topics. The day ends with a mingle where you as an audience will have the opportunity to talk to the panellists and us at EPHI. Places are limited, so we recommend that you arrive in good time. No pre-registration for the seminars is required. Click here for more information!

Taste of nicotine

Taste of nicotine

In Sweden, we have almost reached the WHO target of being smoke-free, defined as less than 5 per cent daily smokers. A contributing factor is the availability of a different way to use nicotine than smoking - snus. In our essay series HEALTH THEME, Professor Fredrik H Nyström delves into the issue of nicotine and how dangerous or harmless it is. The essay Taste of...



Today we woke up tired but happy and invigorated after a great day at the Almedalen EPHI Centre! Happy to have met new and old friends here in Almedalen. Strengthened by the fact that we managed to complete a total of ten seminars, which dealt with, among other things, how we get sufficient electricity grids for the future, China's role in climate change, how dietary advice should...

Halso for ohalsosamma

101. Training for the nation

Beef up the body instead of stockpiling canned goods, wrote officer L-O Nilsson on DN Debate on 2 July 2023. L-O, who is responsible for training in physical combat value at the Swedish Armed Forces, believes that our physical decay is a danger to the nation in the event of war. I...

100. Anniversary episode!

Hälsa för ohälsosamma celebrates one hundred episodes together with some of the funniest and most current previous guests in the podcast. If you want to see us and them live, see us on 29 June in Almedalen! Read more on

99. Will farm sales kill the monopoly?

Two of the country's leading experts on EU law, Joakim Zander and Jörgen Hettne, discuss the possible consequences of farm sales. "We will not be able to maintain our Systembolaget monopoly," says one. "With skilful political sensitivity, we can probably...

98. Have another drink

Måns Rosén is a professor of public health science who has been head of both the Epidemiological Centre at the National Board of Health and Welfare and SBU. Now retired, he dares to tell us how he thinks we should live to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. 

97. Health care synapses

After 15 years at the helm of the Stockholm region's healthcare system, Gustaf Drougge has set up the think tank Synaps to make healthcare work better. He believes that it is possible to eliminate queues and make healthcare more accessible, as long as the perspective...

96. Health trends

The number of health books increases year by year. Readers never seem to get enough of new diets or health theories. Cecilia Viklund is a health book publisher at Bonniers and always has her finger in the air when it comes to new trends. She joins the podcast to talk about what's the hottest...

95. What does a hypnotist do?

What does a hypnotist actually do? Can hypnosis cure modern ailments? In this week's episode of Health for the Unhealthy, Marie Söderqvist meets hypnotist Boel Björkenwall who gives her views on this unconventional treatment method.

94. Surviving a murder.

In Visby, during Almedalen Week, we saw a person murder another person. How do you react? What happens in the brain? Do you ever become yourself again and what can you do to deal with your emotions? Mathilda and Markus, who both testified against murderer Theodor Engström in...

93. Be free

Does collectivism kill freedom or help us to be free? Henrik Jönsson is Sweden's most successful youtuber who releases a new political video every Saturday morning. He has just published the book Bli fri - sju principer för oberoende. We invited Lotta Ilona...

92. A little nicotine cheers you up

Professor and doctor Fredrik Nyström can't help but be provocative. The conclusion of his research on what happens in the body when you put a pill under your lip has been published and shows - nothing. Virtually nothing happens in the body when you put a...

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A market economy and individual freedom are needed to overcome threats to our environment and health.

Humanity faces both serious and urgent environmental and health problems. We have neither the time nor the money to prioritise anything other than the most effective actions. Today, however, environmental and health issues are too often characterised by symbolic politics and wishful thinking.

Ephi presents facts and analyses to contribute to an environmental and health debate based on reality - not on opinions and emotions.

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