The launch of EPHI

Welcome to the launch of the Environment and Public Health Institute!

EPHI - the Environment and Public Health institute - was founded in the summer of 2021 on the belief that free enterprise, technological development and wealth creation are not the threats to our environment and health, but rather our main tools to address them.

We want to lay the foundations for a new environmental and health policy, a policy that is based on people and that utilises their creative power, instead of constantly standing in the way and limiting it. Because we are convinced that engineers and entrepreneurs, rather than politicians, hold the solutions to the environmental and health problems of our time.

And now (FINALLY!) we are ready to tell you more about ourselves, and how we intend to change the debate. Forever!

Therefore, YOU and a friend are invited to the launch of EPHI. We want to tell you about what we do, offer you something good to eat and drink, and showcase some of our projects and writers.

/Christofer Fjellner and friends

Location: Västra trädgårdsg. 15

Date: 18 January

Time: At 16.00 hours