Ephis CEO comments on the collaboration with Henrik Jönsson

As the leader of the Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson, has suggested in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that the YouTube user Henrik Jönsson is spreading hate against the Social Democrats and has suspect funding, I, as EPHI's CEO, feel the need to clarify a few things.  


The Environment and Public Health Institute (EPHI) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan think tank that publishes reports, runs the podcast, etc. Health for the unhealthy and organises seminars on our focus areas of health and the environment. EPHI is driven by the conviction that free enterprise, economic growth, new technologies and free choice are essential to solving the health and environmental challenges of the future. We are a small organisation that brings together a large network of academics, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders.

We work together with other opinion leaders, such as Henrik Jönsson who runs a large YouTube channel. 


Together with Henrik Jönsson we have developed concept 100 %. Our co-operation with Jönsson has never been hidden, on the contrary, it has been something that we communicated diligently. Nor has the show 100%, which was broadcast on Henrik Jönsson's channels, hidden the fact that it is a collaboration with EPHI, as the programme's credits state. Henrik Jönsson and I have been guests on the programme together. SvD's podcast where we talked about the cooperation on 100%. 
Funding for EPHI's activities comes from various companies and organisations in Sweden, including the Free Enterprise Foundation. 


Marie Söderqvist, CEO of EPHI.


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Environment and Public Health Institute

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Org. number: 559342-4947

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