Programme areas

Environmental programmes

Changing one's surroundings and environment is fundamentally human. It is equally human to care about the environment and nature. An environmental policy that wants to make a real difference must therefore be based on people. How can we best combine our enormous creative power with our care for the living world? How do we use our resources in the best possible way? And how do we translate all this into concrete and implementable policies?

Ephi works on several different projects in the environmental field. Our main focus is the fight against climate change, but our involvement in environmental issues is broader than that.

Current projects

  • Excise taxes such as
    environmental policy tool
  • The marginal cost of
    various climate actions
  • Facts in the environmental debate
  • The environmental movement's
    ideological basis
  • The threats and opportunities: carbon tariffs

Health programmes

The very concept of public health suggests that it is about something other and greater than the health of the individual. The word resonates with the 1930s and 1940s idea that the state should create whole, clean and compliant citizens. It was also self-evident that the work was carried out from the top down, sometimes under rather harsh conditions. This is something that still exists in public health work, even though the level of public knowledge has increased and new research and knowledge about everything related to health is available to everyone, everywhere. 

In addition, there are huge developments in health technologies that allow us all to check sleep, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, reactions to different nutrients, map genes, get full hormone, vitamin and blood analyses without much effort or cost. 

Rather than harnessing the power of new technologies and people's engagement, public health policy is often reduced to demands for new regulations and restrictions.  

At EPHI, we have a different idea. We believe in the capabilities of the individual and we believe in new technologies and developments. We also believe that public health is created from the bottom up and from the inside out, not the other way round. 

Current projects

  • Healthier
    and greener food
  • Resistance to vaccines
    distribution and organisation
  • Harm minimisation
    in ANDT policy
  • Effective measures against antibiotic resistance